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BPM process error


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Hi all,

We are getting an error when trying out our new BPM process for New starters.

In its basic form the with classification and fulfillment it worked but since adding in new stages the classification is failing to assign to an owner.

Is there anyway i can upload the process definition file for someone in support  to take a look at?


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@J_Tamburrini I had a suspicion the first error might have something to do with the team, this is why I asked: "does the request where the error occurs have a team assigned" ... but I haven't received any reply from you so I thought the issue no longer occurs :) However, I am happy to hear that issue was resolved!

The other error you encounter suggest is something to do with stages configuration... did you at some point delete and recreate the "Admin Tasks" stage by any chance?

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yes I'm sure i did as I'm on version 35 now as i have tried all possible outcomes other than scrapping it and starting again

It needs some work as i can see that i need a specific outcome on each task. i think we are making some head way with it this morning but once i crack this BPM im sure i will be able to cobble together new ones in no time.  ( its just taking some time to get my head around this one)


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@J_Tamburrini ah... I think if the stage gets deleted then the "Nest Stage" node referencing the (now deleted) stage will throw this error... So my advice would be if you delete a stage then update any "Next Stage" node from the previous stage (delete and recreate the node so it refreshes)... I'll ask internally with our dev team and see if we can cater for this scenario more gracefully (e.g. perhaps update the stage IDs upon saving or validating the process).

Let us know how you get on with the process and if there is anything we can help with ;) 


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