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Media links within Known Errors


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Hi all,

Would there be any possibility of adding in the ability to have media links within published known errors? This would be useful for both analysts and customers potentially.

I know media links can be added to the timeline within a known error and within FAQ articles.

Thanks in advance

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Thanks for your post. 

As a temporary measure you can add images to your published issue using wiki markup.  This is by using the format [[file:<urlTofilename>]].  

In the example below, I did the following...

  1.  I attached an image file to the problem record.
  2. I expanded the Attachment section of the request.
  3. I right clicked on the name of the attachment and selected Copy Link Address.
  4. In the description of the Published issue I typed [[file: then pasted my link address and closed with ]]
  5. Added a link to our website using [[https://www.hornbill.com|Our Web Site]]



I hope this helps.



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