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I do not know if this is the best practice but what we did was setup a service account on our network, gave that service account the appropriate rights (see below) and then made sure the user (or role in our case) has access to the dashboard. This account will need to have at least the "Dashboard Viewer" rights.

Example of a dashboard we display on a TV:

As you can see, we give access to the role "Dashboard access" which is a custom role that all our analysts have by default, including the system account we use for TVs (easier for maintenance).

I hope this will help you.

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@David_Wilson whilst you need to run the dashboards as a user, this should not prohibit the same user from doing their day to day activities.  So if you gave the user the appropriate roles and access to the dashboards then this could be running in the admin console displayed in the office, whilst the same user is working away on requests etc in Service Manager in the user app. 

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@David Wilson you can bypass the SSO if you add ?ESPBasic=true to the end of the address you use to log in

ie https://live.hornbill.com/INSTANCENAME/?ESPBasic=true (obviously you will need to set passwords in Hornbill to allow you to log on) 

That way you can use a normal user account / service account and still have the analyst logged into Hornbill. 

Or you could have the analyst RDP to the wallboard computer and log in to display the dashboard on the RDP session.

To be honest we have created a user only in Hornbill called ITWallboard and all required wallboards are displayed by this user (currently 4 dashboards around the business)

Our wallboard computers are all in our server room and we VNC to them to display on the wallboards. Just means having set machines on set displays. 

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