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I am trying to add a variable to my email template for our Printer supplier so that the email generated the linked Printer asset.

However i cannot seem to find a variable for asset number? is there one? if not can we please have one?



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Hi @yelyah.nodrog

The available variables are based on the entity that the template is related to.  In this case it is the Requests entity.  We are able to include owner or customer information as there is a one to one relationship between the request and the user/customer entities.  However, with assets there can be a one to many relationship.  If a request has 10 linked assets, a single variable would not be able to determine which asset you would like the information from.

In your screenshot I can see that you are using the request custom fields, and I'm assuming that these would have been populated as part of the progressive capture.  Is there a way that you can also capture and store your asset ID as part of the progressive capture in a custom field?



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Afternoon James,

We already do store the asset as a custom field in the template, however we are linking the asset at the beginning of the call and then manually entering it again later in a custom question at the moment.

Because linking it lets us know how many issues have been raised against that device for troubleshooting and problem management. Where as the custom field allows the asset to be pulled across to the 3rd party printer support in the email template.

Its just that our agents are duplicating work doing it this way, however to update everything required they are having to input it twice. its not hugely practical or popular among them!

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