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Customising Self Service


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Good afternoon,

We are currently going through a change of colour scheme and I have been asked if it is possible to change the colours that appear on the writing of our services on the Self Service portal.

Please see below for the area I want to be able to change. Is it possible to change these colours to something that is not blue? 




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Guest NadeemMazhar


Hi @AndyColeman

It is possible to change the colours of icons and text in the Service Portal. We have a list of these settings via the following link below:


Please navigate to the section 'Customising Service Manager Icons and text colours' and you should see the configuration options. I believe the exact settings where you can change the text and icon colour are configurable via navigating to:

The Administration Console > Service Manager > Application Settings you will have the options to configure the following colours, by defining a hexadecimal colour code for each. Search for the following below:

  • guest.colour.common.serviceName - The Name for each service
  • guest.colour.common.icon - The icon which represents each service

Kind regards





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