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Capturing quantity in Progressive Capture Forms


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Hi all,

Is it possible to somehow capture quantities within Progressive Capture custom forms?

As an example, I've just created a 'IT Equipment Request' form, which asks the user to specify the IT equipment they require, however, on occasion users may request 10 x monitors for their dept./team.

Also, in the same scenario example is it possible to allow the user to select their colleagues who'll be receiving the equipment? Like a co-worker search for example, but allow multiple selections?

Thank in advance

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Been thinking about this a little further. Originally I was using a simple list I'd created that detailed our standard equipment offerings and had this as a dynamic checkbox field. This would of course not provide the ability to specify a quantity next to each option.

Instead I'm guessing the only way to do it would be to have a individual field for each equipment type, seperated by a 'single line text' field underneath to specify quantity. Unless there's an easier way to do it.

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