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Service Portal default view

Giuseppe Iannacone

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Guest Mohamed

@Giuseppe Iannacone

Currently this functionality isn't available.

If you set a Service as a favourite (using the heart symbol) it will generate a new tab and that will act as the first tab where you can interact with your favourite services 
Toggle Favourites: 

New option 'favourites' available





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Hi @Giuseppe Iannacone

Thanks for your post.  

If a user was coming to to the Service Portal for the first time, there is a good chance that they wouldn't have any requests so they would be taken to an empty list.  We could consider some logic that would take the user to the regular landing page if they don't have any requests.  The only problem here is that the user would be presented with different behaviours, sometimes starting on the list of request and other times starting on the main page.  This may be confusing to the user.  

Let me know your thoughts on this.



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@James Ainsworth

thank you for the reply. I understand with your point of view. In our environment this make sense to us because we are opening the service portal, let's say gradually. in the first phase we will give our user the portal only for having the "status update" on their request. That's because we have not yet had time to develop all the services and item (progressive capture and BPM) to let them open the request.

So our idea is having a default setting in which we can decide to have a landing page on the All Requests until the services will also be available for opening requests.

Thank you!

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