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Error when attempting to update/save progressive capture processes


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Hi all,

A colleague of mine is attempting to update and save a progressive capture for the first time but is seeing the error attached.

They are already a member of the following roles:


Is there another role he needs to be a member of?



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@dwalby hmm... something not quite right there... I need to investigate... Meanwhile, your colleague can save the progressive capture using one of the following workarounds:

- once the pro cap design is finished navigate away from the pro cap (e.g. click on "Progressive Capture" in the menu or navigate back in the browser). When attempting to navigate away a confirmation popup is displayed warning the user there are unsaved modifications. Click on "Save & Continue" and it should work (to save the changes)


- on the pro cap design menu, click on the arrow and select either "Validate" or "Activate" (I would suggest Activate). Both actions will also perform the save of the changes.


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