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Slideshow freezes when displayed for a long time


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Hi all,

We have TV screens where we display slideshows all day long. Usually, we just turn off the TV at night but the PC keeps running. Important note: we are using Internet Explorer 11

Lately, I noticed that after a few hours (varies between 2 to 4h) the slideshows simply freeze. Here is an example:


The bottom right corner should have another widget displayed. And the cycling through dashboards stops. I looked at the JS console (using developer tools feature on the IE browser) and I cannot see anything there. The CPU and memory consumption are also ok (50% RAM available, CPU at 10% max, 3% average)

Anybody else experiencing similar issues? Could be the computer itself...


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Hi Lyonel,

It looks to me like the last widget has failed to respond with its data fetch and that stops the slide from registering its display count down. This is how a slide basically works:-

1. it loads each widget and fetches data asynchronously
2. when widget data request is returned it sets a flag "i am ready"
3. when all widgets have set their flag "i am ready" the slideshow display timer starts.

So because that last widget isn't returning back and setting its "i am ready" state the slide never starts it "display count down".

I might request our support  team to make contact and get more info to setup your exact slideshow and widgets so we can replicate issue. That last widget data fetch may be locked out from some data and so it is just sitting their waiting for the lock to become free.

Other than that what i can do is add a 'failover' time to widgets. So it it has not returned its data within 30 seconds it will cancel the load of the widget and the slideshow can continue...but ideally we want to find out what that last widget is doing to cause this in first place.


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