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Good afternoon,

We have an email address createincident@ companyname.com that automatically creates an incident for us. This is great especially when we are not in the office, however the default priority is always set to Medium Incident (1 day SLA) . Do you know where in the admin tools I would need to go to change this to Low  Incident? My colleague who set this up initially for us is no longer with the firm.



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Guest NadeemMazhar

Good afternoon @AndyColeman ,

Hope you have had a wonderful Christmas.

The setting where you can set the default priority of an Incident that is auto-logged is via the following:

If you go to Hornbill Administration, then to Service Manager>Settings - type in the search bar 'Routing'

You will see the following application setting where you can enter the new default priority.




Hope that helps.

Kind regards




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@AndyColeman in addition to Nadeem's suggestion, if your routing rules (Home -> System -> Email -> Routing Rules) are using the "raiseNewRequest" operation then you could set various request properties (including priority) via the "Routing Rule Templates". More info on how these templates can be set can be found on our wiki here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Routing_Rule_Templates


Please note that the option to use a routing template is only available if using the "raiseNewRequest" operation in your routing rule which logs these incidents.

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