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Use of Closure Categories

Paul Smith

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I don't wish to use Closure Categories as they are for internal use and I cant find a way of stopping our external customers from seeing them. I have decided therefore not to creat any. However when a request is resolved it still shows on the timeline as 'Request has been resolved without a category'.This is then followed with the text keyed into the resolution by the analyst. 

As this category message will undoubtedly lead to questions from our external customers, does anyone have any suggestions as to preventing this from appearing ?

I do have the global setting servicemanager.request.closureCategory.default.required set to OFF             

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Hi @Paul Smith

While this is being looked at I thought that I might put forward an idea which may help in a number of ways. 

  1.  Set the default visibility of the Resolution Action to Team
  2. In the BPM add a Request Update to the timeline that has the visibility set to Customer which contains a constructed customer facing text and includes the resolution text using a variable.

The advantage of this is

  1. The customer will no longer see this resolution information that includes if a category was assigned or not
  2. You maintain the visibility to your analysts that a category was not set
  3. The Request Update lets you provide a standard format or template on how you communicate the resolution to your customers
  4. Having this standard template means less time each analyst spends writing up the resolution details.


Here is an example of the BPM Operation to create this resolution update template to the timeline.


A couple of things that you will need to do as part of your BPM is to have a Suspend and Wait for Resolution and Get Request Info operations before the timeline update is made.  This will ensure that the resolution has taken place with the resolution text and that the new resolution text is updated in the Get Info variables.

Your BPM may look a little like this...


I hope this helps.  Post back if you have any questions about setting this up.



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Hi @James Ainsworth

Sorry for the late reply....I'm new to this and hasn't noticed the updates if I'm honest !!

I kind of got around this with a different work around of forcing a generic non offensive Category within the BPM. I might take a look at your proposal though if I can get rid of one of the Timeline entries as you now have 2 entries saying the same thing ?

I'd appreciate it if you could shed light on why its required even when its set not to be in the settings when its been looked at  

Thank you for the advice above

Kind Regards



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