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Assistance with email notifications generated when a request is updated by the customer

Chris Temple

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When a customer updates a request via the portal, the assigned analyst gets an email to advise that the call has been updated. This is great, as it's what we want to happen. However, I have tried updating the AnalystCustomerUpdateNotification email template so that more information is provided, but this has no effect on the email being received by the analyst.

I have tried changing some other email templates, in case they were being used, but cannot find the one that applies in this instance. Currently the email being generated reads as follows:

"Request ***** which is assigned to you has been updated by the customer.
Kind Regards"


As I cannot find a template that reads as per the example, I have assumed that this type of notification must hard-coded, but wanted to see if anyone can advise otherwise ?

Thanks in advance.



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Hi @Chris Temple

As you have identified, currently the content of the email notifications to analysts is currently hardcoded in such scenarios.  We have a feature request already raised which would look to enable these to be configurable via email templates so I will add you to the list of interested customers.

Kind Regards,


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