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Airwatch Integration/Sync


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Our guiding principle is, if the thing we are integrating with is available with a free tier option and is in common use and accessible in the cloud with publicly documented APIs, or if its to services that relate to simple messaging such as SMS texting, notifications or other simple outbound communications like Twitter etc then we consider the integration part of the iBridge basic integrations which are free to use.  In this case it is a commercial application so we would treat this as a premium integration and would require a subscription to the iBridge premium. 

All premium integrations are available to use for free but are limited to ten (I am pretty sure of that number) invocations per month. However, if we need to develop this integration for one customer (its not thus far come up) we would not prioritise that work if there was not a iBridge Premium subscription in place.

Hope that makes sense. 


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