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Options for Bulletins

Dan Munns

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Hi all,

Is there anyway we can have some functionality for changing fonts (typeface, size, bold etc) within the bulletins on the portal? 

Some of the images make the standard font difficult to read and then I have to dig around trying to find an image that works with the bulletin and the font. Also if we could have the ability to drag the uploaded image around to get the best layout that would be awesome as well. 



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+1 - would be a huge improvement... i wondered if there could be an additional option that will allow us to "Preview" what the bulletin looks like on any existing Portal.

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Another addition to this: 

Can we have the ability to add a portal wide bulletin as well as service specific ones? 

I currently have the same bulletin on three services but users of 2 (or more) of the services experience the same bulletin scrolling round the carousel.

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