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I am experiencing an issue with reporting. I run a report each month of requests logged into IT Services. We have a couple of non-IT services so I exclude these from the monthly report. See right-hand side of the screenshot for the filter.

However, I've been scratching my head as the numbers don't quite add up. Looking into the data returned I can see there are four records returned by the report that should be excluded. See left-hand side of the screenshot. I have to present this data each month to our Director, who happens to be the Director of Finance so even the smallest discrepancy will be picked at.

Am I doing something wrong or is this the system? I can't see how it's the filter.

The dates for the report run in the screenshot is 1 November-30 November - however, I have to split that into two as it seems it only returns a maximum of 1000 records - another bug bear!


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It looks like you are using "Value is not equal" with multiple values. I will raise this internally, but I think you should only be able to set 1 value when using this type of filter. What is happening, is it is using the first value, and creating a filter of Service Name != 'Estate Services' and ignoring the filtering of Security.

If you change "Value is not equal" to "Value is not one of these" then it will create a filter Service Name is not in ('Estate Services, 'Security') which will exclude both of these Services.

See if that helps,


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