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Reports - Help needed


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Hi All,

I need some help to create a report within Service Manager for Senior Management.  This is an area we haven't used much so I'm confused as to how to go about it.  I'd be grateful for any help on this :-)

I've been asked to provide the following:


An analysis of service desk calls for a date range (individually) showing

a- calls outstanding

b- calls received

c- calls resolved


I've got to have this done by Friday.

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Tina.Lapere


Hope you are well firstly. I have added a selection of sample reports here to give you a starting point, these include:

Incidents breaching resolution by Team

Incidents breaching resolution by Analyst

Incidents resolved by Date (prompt)

These will give you the basics for the reports you need, there will probably be some minor amendments required but the date prompt and the table required will be in there. 

To import them create a report and click the green upload button on the top right corner and you can then edit to suit your needs.

On another point though - you have the advanced analytics module available, I would recommend taking advantage of that and I'm sure Senior Management would also appreciate that? I can give you examples from my demo kit, but unfortunately they do not export like the reports do so I would have to give you the SQL or the basics that I have for you to tweak?

These are some examples: 



Let me know and I will give you a point in the right direction.



incidents-resolved-by-date-prompt.report (1).txt

incidents-breaching-resolution-by-team.report (1).txt

incidents-breaching-resolution-by-analyst.report (1).txt

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Hello @conorh,

Nice to hear from you.  I'm good thanks, and yourself and the family?

I shall upload these and have a look to see if I can tweak them to work.  Just in case I can't get the info I need, I'd be interested to know more about how to do it in the advanced analytics module.




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I've come across a problem with the charts not appearing beside the names within the pdf reports.  Please see attached.

They are grouped by Analyst with a status chart but for some reason I'm getting a blank bar chart at the top next to Gary's name which I can't seem to get rid of.  This makes it very confusing to look at and as a result I loose a bar chart for the last analyst too. 

Any ideas?



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