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Hornbill not working in newly opened browser


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Hi All,

Over the weekend, it would appear that Hornbill has ceased working correctly. We run a dashboard from a machine using IE and that was working on Friday. This morning it is coming up with the attached after attempting log in (via ADFS). This is happening in admin, live and service. We don't use customer.

It would appear that it only works in browsers that were left open over the weekend. Initially, I thought it was just affecting IE, but colleagues have opened up fresh instances in Chrome and are getting the same error.

We have not recently applied any updates.



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Looking at your logs it appears ADFS is failing to sign you in, if you go to https://admin.hornbill.com/INSTANCENAME/?ESPBasic=true you can login and bypass the SSO configuration. For some reason we do not appear to be correctly outputting the ADFS error but at a guess i would imagine the signing certificate as expired. 

If you go into your SSO Profile  (Admin Home -> System -> Security -> SSO Profiles) and update the affected SSO Profile with the refreshed certificate and your all set.  Here are a couple of useful links. 


Kind Regards

Trevor Killick

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