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Take info from asset PC

Dan Munns

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Hi all, 

I am trying to create an equipment disposal BPM but cannot get the information into the description field from the built in asset PC. 

When I have a node 'Get Progressive Capture Answers' followed by update Summary and Desc the description field is as below: 

Disposal Request for the following assets: 

The code in the description taken from the variable picker is "Disposal Request for the following assets:  &[global["flowcode"]["syspcfanswers"]]" (minus enclosing quotes)

I am guessing that currently there is no way to take the information from that PC form so does anyone have a way around it? 

I just need a list of asset tags in the description so that I can email the list to our disposal supplier.



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Hi @Dan Munns

Thanks for the enhancement request, we are currently discussing approaches to address this and we will then raise a change accordingly.   We do receive a number of feature enhancements and we review, and work through these.  As we are able to progress this we will post back here with updates. 

In the meantime and i totally accept it is not an ideal workaround, but if the asset tags were either asked for in a PC capture question and written to the description or custom field, or they were manually added in the request then they could be included in the email which gets sent, re which assets to dispose of.  

Once we have progress on this requirement we will post back



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Any ways of dealing with assets via he Progressive Capture and the Business Processes is a plus in my eyes... +1 

Please add me as an interested party.

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@Dan Munns @samwoo There is now an option in the business process designer which allows you to Get the list of assets linked to a request, and use that output string to populate a custom field and then inject this into email templates.

You can choose to return a list of just the asset names, or include the asset type with the returned list

You can do this for all assets of a request or per asset class

These are under Entity > Requests > Assets 


Hope that helps

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