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We received the following error in our mailbox.

We have detected an error during the message decoding process for the attached inbound mail message. This could be due to the MIME decoding problem in Hornbill's software, a corrupt message from the message originator or a general communications problem. You will find the original raw RFC822 formatted message as well as other useful files attached to this message in order to help you identify the message originator and aid in debugging the problem. 

Please ask the originator of the message to send it to you again. If the problem persists and you are happy that this message or its attachments do not contain confidential personal or commercial information, please contact Hornbill support or your Hornbill partner if you have a valid support contract or post the problem on Hornbill's community support forum (https://forums.hornbill.com/) in order that we can investigate this problem further.

Thank You.

Hornbill Development Team

Message tracking ID: imap4-Service-5124976bc9a19c77

The error encountered was:

Failed to add message to the inbound queue. Operation[mail::addMessageToQueue] The element <body> was not expected at location '/methodCall/params/body'

Any idea what this could be?

Kind regards,


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The most common cause of these problem we see is when there is invalid UTF-8 content injected in by Exchange injecting disclaimer trailers etc... the attached message to that email will be the original RFC822/MIME encoded message so you can compare it against the standards to see whats wrong with it. 

Basically, while trying to decode the message we found a problem with its structure or format, there should be more explanation in the attached files of the message. 


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Have you asked the original sender to re-send the message in case there was some transport error?  Does it always happen with emails from that customer? have you ever successfully received emails from that customer?  If they send the email from another account, like a gmail account for example, do you then receive it ok?

There is an outside chance that there is a problem with our RFC822 or MIME decoder implementations, but given we are processing many 10s of thousands of emails per day on our systems for a broad and diverse range of customers from all sorts of different email systems so I expect its most likely an invalid message and the only ones who can fix that are the originating sender. 

If you want to attach the message here I can have a cursory look over the file for you.  Was there more than one attachment?


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@m.vandun @Gerry the issue occurs because the email does not have a subject. Currently, our platform treats email subject as mandatory, is the subject is missing it will generate this error.

Failed to add message to the inbound queue. Operation[mail::addMessageToQueue] The element <body> was not expected at location '/methodCall/params/body'

Something we are working on... This issue is fixed in the next platform update (build > 2860)

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