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Default values suddenly not being added to the form from Portal

Paul Alexander

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We have a couple of ProgCapt's which have default values for one or two fields. These default values are added to the custom fields of the ticket as they're logged.

These values have suddenly stopped being added (I've noticed it today as the BPM's rely on this field and there's a couple of stray tickets which don't have this info where it should be)

I'm sure nothing has changed, so could someone please take a look (the example I have is our Procurement Request - Laptop Power Supply request which SHOULD have the value of a read-only text box added the Custom_d field)



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Hi @Victor would the issue you are aware of also have an impact on other area of the ProgCapts , we had issues yesterday where randomly custom number fields and date fields   would not accept any value and lock up the session , the only way to get around it was to log out of hornbill and  re-connect then try again ....




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@Victor  our Progressive captures have got Date fields  and some have custom  fields ( some  to enter phone numbers , with regex validation ^([0-9]{11})$ )

date field was not accepting any date as valid selected from the calendar ,   custom field was not accepting any input as valid ,   <previous> button unresponsive ,  only option working  was to <cancel>,   tried raising request again same issue , log off , log on , try again and input was accepted , browser chrome . Happened at least 3 time yesterday  on different Progressive captures .



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