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Add flowcode variable to description


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We are experimenting with a single form progressive capture for our customers which looks like this.



I have managed to take the summary field in the form and inject it into the  &[global["flowcode"]["summary"]] but is there a way to do the same with  &[global["flowcode"]["description"]].

When I try to do it in the Business process description only takes manual text field input (see screenshot).


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The description field is a multi-line so works a little differently but you can still inject variables into the field.

If you open the description you can still access the variable picker and or manually add in the flowcode variable into this field.


To Insert the variable into the text box, hold ctrl or cmd and left mouse click, this will expose a menu of the available request and question variables based on which preceding Get Information nodes you have used.

To insert one or multiple variables simply select the variable from the various available menu options (depending on what Get Information nodes have been included.

Hope that helps 


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