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Authorisation via Email

Dan Munns

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@Dan Munns


As it stands at the moment I am trying to work out how to add tiers into our 'Email Customer Manager' workflow as some requests (I have just been told) require direct line manager and then business area manager approval to process.

This could be an enhancement to our VPM, we do not presently have the notion of "approver roles" in the BPM but this does sound like it would be a useful addition, I can understand the need for hierarchical approvals based on manager roles, so any user would have a line manager and a business unit manager attributed to them, this could then be used as role based reference in authorisation assignment. I will take that internally, it sounds like a good improvement. 

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So how our BPM currently works is as attached. With the email being sent, the manager replies to it which takes the BPM off hold for the analyst to manually action the email to either approve or reject.

Ideally I would want to somehow (after the above has happened) take the originators department info and send the approval (with a note of the line managers approval) to a department head for them to approve (currently in the same way, once the templates (and hopefully the hardcoded 'noreply' address) have been resolved then I will look at added collaboration licences for the department heads) 

Thus our audit requirements have been met and the relevant departments are happy (and many spreadsheets orphaned)



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All of our users are only a member of one department (I believe) although they may be members of more that one team. I have setup our instance like this 

Company > Dept > Team 1
                                  Team 2
                                  Team 3

We also use teams to filter users into groups for authorisers and subsets of users (so they can see the relevant requests on the portal)

We use roles for adding people to groups which are more info only for us (so we have a role for other group companys who access Hornbill via Citrix)

I could add ExCo info to an extended attribute but we like to have the same info in extended attributes for all users to make sure no one adds anything into the AD field which is in use (so for our service request users SM_Auth team are subscribers and all other users have SM_Not_Auth in that field in AD)  

I will have a think about how to label each exco member and the departments they are responsible for.

Again any ideas appreciated. 



P.S. love  the dedication to the cause (01:44 updates) 

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