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Current calls logged this month


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Morning all,

I am trying to create a widget to tell me the current calls logged this month so far. so from the 1st nov to current date, I don't want to have to change the query every month to keep up and want it to roll each month.

So I have written this (I'm quite new to T-sql so it wont be right!):

(h_requesttype = 'Service Request' OR h_requesttype = 'Incident')

however its not working, is this anywhere near right? Could someone point me in the correct direction with this query, also is there a easier way to do it?






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Hey Victor, I have given this a go but it is not reporting correctly?

Today is the start of a new week and we have logged 16 calls so far this morning, however its not showing any as being logged? - I have refreshed it to make sure and still nothing.


This is the code we are currently using:


These are the logged calls so far today


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