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Column Headings on Reports


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I have a report where I pull through Custom Fields for some of the report columns.  In the 'select columns' tab I have amended the names of these columns so that when I export to CSV file the column headings make sense rather than saying Custom A, Custom B etc.  This all looks fine on the 'Data Preview' tab but when I actually run the report the headings don't pull through into the CSV file and still say Custom A, Custom B and so on.  Am I doing something wrong?






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@SJEaton this issued has been fixed and will be available in the update which is going out tonight, so should be available tomorrow.

There are also a few additional reporting options being made available in this build including:

* Ability to schedule the distribution of the system reports to document manager

* More output options including PDF

* Ability to use date variables in the filters for reports i.e Today, Endoflastquarter etc 


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