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Self Service Reporting

Darren Rose

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Hi @Darren Rose

Could you clarify what you are looking for with Self Service Reporting?

In terms of report scheduling their is a build going out tonight which will provide the following:

* Ability to schedule the distribution of system reports (Admin tool) to Document Manager

* More output options including PDF

* Ability to use date variables in the system report filters, i.e Today, End of Last Quarter etc

As well as the enhancements to the admin tool reports we are still working on the new Service Manager reports which will be available through the user app to Service Manager subscribers.  These will be released in stages but will also include formats such as PDF and the ability to schedule the distribution to Document Manager.  




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Hi @Steven Boardman

It was the new Service Manager Reports I was interested in. At the moment, I can't give everyone access to the current reporting functionality, but if there was a user app where people can select their own dat ranges etc... against standard reports such as resolved / logged, then that would be great. If they could be scheduled to send a PDF output, even better


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Thanks @Darren Rose

This sounds exactly what we are working on, so the option for Service Manager subscribers to create their own reports in the user app based on the data they are entitled to see is currently in development as are the options for these to be scheduled as PDF's and distributed to Document Manager (so you can keep all the revisions (history) and collaborate on the report content.

In the short term hopefully the build out tomorrow will allow you to create and distribute reports in Document Manager which they can pick up.  


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