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VIP/Executive customers


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Guest NadeemMazhar

Hi @JBasey

You can store up to 8 custom attributes against a user record. You can mark that a user is a VIP using one of the attributes ie Attribute 1 (you can rename this field). If you go to the admin tool and select a Progressive Capture, if you select the customer search node, you have the ability to display additional fields. In the dropdown as per my screenshot, if you select the attribute that has VIP information, when you log a new request, you will see that attribute displayed on the screen.



In terms of alerts, you can set within the underlying Business Process, by using Get Request Information node and selecting Customer Details, a branch that you can use a custom expression. Within the custom expression, you can state that if the attribute contains the word VIP, then the next node in the workflow will be an email notification to the Request Owner or to a Team.




Hope that helps


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hi @JBasey as Nadeem alludes to above , one view of the users VIP status (if held in a custom field on their profile) would be here when logging a request as an agent:


Once the ticket is logged, you could use the business process option to update the custom field (in the details section of the request) with the customers status: I.E VIP, by writing VIP to this custom field following a get request and looking at the customers custom field which would hold their status.



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Guest Paul Alexander

@Steven Boardman

I know this is an old post, but I was wondering how I get the field name to change when I'm looking at one of the attrib fields in the user profile form when I'm logging a request?

I'm getting this: 



Although I've set it to look like this in the 'about' screen of the user account:



It also shows correctly in the Admin screen of the user account:






Any ideas please?






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@HHH there are two options for external organisations 

1. On the Customer and Contact search forms, you can display values held in the default and  6 custom fields available on a contact record (you can use the form designer on the contact view to re-label and expose the custom fields on a contact record).

2. On the organisation form, you can expose and show values held in the default and custom fields of the organisation record (As shown below)


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