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change requests greyed out

lee mcdermott

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I have just changed the process for our change requests to get rid of the activities that are assigned to teams. 

When a change is now logged it is not assigned to a team initially, when the change is processed after an approval stage the person processing the change should then assign the change to the correct team.


However now the change is greyed out for them so they cannot access it and assign it etc. I am assuming it is a permission issues or due to the change not being assigned to a team initially.


If I access it it is fine.


So I am wondering does anyone have an idea as to what needs changed to allow access, the person who cannot access is a member of all the change request roles





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Hi Victor,

they are logged via service manager - I removed the task to assign it to a change management queue, so those who were members of that queue could see them now they can't. I have just checked and I don't think the changes have ever been assigned to a service.


I have just checked and  - no they are not assigned to a service. I will see if I can add an automated task to assign a change to the change management service when they get logged.


Basically what i wanted to achieve was remove the activities that were generated that we assigned to team to do the work(as they were never getting actioned) and instead wanted to assign the whole change to the team who need to carry out the work.

The problem I had was on one of the stages I had a check point called "Assign change to actioning team" this was for those processing the change to know to now assign it to the correct team. As initially the change was first logged to change management queue when it was processed I had a wait for team auto task but it just skipped this as it had already been assigned to a team originally.


So I changed the process so it was not assigned to any team initially so it would stop at that check point so those processing could assign it to the actioning team. But as it was not assigned to any team those trying to process it could not(greyed out). So I have changed it back for now.


What I want to achieve is for it to stop at the check point and then move on to the next checkpoint once it has been assigned to the actioning team. I cannot figure out how to do this?

I do not want it to be assigned to an individual just a team so I cannot use the wait for assigned user.


Any Ideas?


Sorry for the long winded reply - hope that makes sense






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@lee mcdermott  no worries about the long reply, I actually prefer these :)

I think all the issues you are facing have the missing service as a root cause. We need to understand (and fix this) first before investigating further... so, I am a bit puzzled on how a request would not have a service associated to it if it was logged from Service manager... Can you give me some more specifics on how the change requests are raised? Some more specific steps I can investigate?

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there is a service called change management configured as below RFC is the BP.

The application settings are configured as shown.


So to log we go to raise new drop down  - select change and then the Prog capture starts and it is logged to a team called change management.

We used to keep all changes in the team queue of Change Management and just assign activities to other teams to perform the work. I now want to assign the actual change to each team to perform the work. I have got rid of the activities.


change management.JPG

application settings.JPG

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1 minute ago, lee mcdermott said:

Also you do not select the service either when logging - so that will be why it is never assigned to a service.

@lee mcdermott ahhh....now that explains it :)

3 minutes ago, lee mcdermott said:

could i just add an automated task to assign it to a service when the BP kicks in? Something like below?

Nah, this is not possible I'm afraid... The only solution I can think of is to have "Service Details" form in the progressive capture. We really need the service on the request...


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