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Hi @derekgreen

We don't currently have any rights or role restrictions around the assignment of a request, it is just a standard action that is permitted provided you have rights to view a request and update a request.

Perhaps you could expand on the scenarios in which you would want to restrict access and it may be considered for a future change.

Kind Regards,



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Hi @derekgreen

There is a way that this can be achieved using the BPM lock options on the different Action Items.  This would also allow you to change this access throughout the life of the request.  You may decided that at certain points within the process you do want to give people rights to re-assign.  Provided that a user is part of one of the following roles, they can over-ride the lock - Incident Management Full Access, Change Management Full Access, Problem Management Full Access, Release Management Full Access, Service Request Full Access, and Service Desk Admin.





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