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Mailbox Integration query


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We integrated an existing mailbox Neighbourhoods@walthamforest.gov.uk  into Hornbill at 15:50 on 15/11/17. When the mailbox integrated the emails already in the mailbox were integrated in as expected but with the date/time of the integration (15/11/17 15:50) rather than the original date/time that they were received into the mailbox.  Is this what usually happens as we haven't noticed this when integrating mailboxes previously?

This mailbox does have over 1800+ emails in it so maybe that's why we have noticed this time but it does cause a bit of a problem for the team as there is no way of knowing when these emails were actually received.  They are also all unread again so its hard to determine if they have been dealt with previously prior to integration or not.



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Hi @SJEaton,

I do understand the problem. We display as most email clients the date that was received. For us the received date is the date that our server processes the email. But obviously in this case the date received is very different than the sent one.

We can add an option to display the the sent date in the email message and maybe also in the list, but the list will be quite busy with two dates. We can add it as an optional parameter to display or not that Sent Date.

Regarding the unread flag, there is no way we could mark it as unread when is first processed. What you can do is select the the first message in the list and pressing Shift, select several messages down and mark all of them as read. You will only be able to select up to 50 messages at a time, so in not going to be that easy, sorry.

I will add a change for displaying the sent date if that will work for you.



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Hi @Daniel Dekel

Yes the displaying of the send date will be something at least.  Will we be able to do this for those emails currently in the inbox once you have done the change?  When will the change be active?

In the meantime I will try and mark the emails as 'unread' as you have suggested above.

Thanks, Sam

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The screenshot I've sent you is just a preview of how it will be displayed, but is not in Live yet.

It will be displayed in two places.

1. In the Email Preview: When you open an email, at the moment the right hand side shows the Received Time, in the next release it will show something like "11/10/2017 15:20 -> 13/10/2017 10:30".

2. The emails list column: If you expand the column using the icon on the bottom to make it wider, it will show the full time format (not the elapsed time) and if time is different it will show also both times (11/10/2017 15:20 -> 13/10/2017 10:30) .



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