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I have a problem in a BPM where a decision wont behave as expected (it did when first built but not correctly over the past couple of days)

I have a decision with the following Expression 


The alternative one which == Rejected works but when the Custom Field A is left blank the above Goto will not fire. Am I missing something?

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Hi @Kelvin

Thanks for your post.

What are all the possibilities that can be stored in Custom Field A?  Rejected, Accepted, and blank?  Is there a use case for someone leaving it blank?  On your decision node, are you using a 'No Match' option as well?  For now, I was thinking that you could try and add multiple custom expressions in the above Goto if for each possible value for Custom Field A excluding Rejected.  Then create a 'No Match' branch which should be picked up when the Custom Field A is blank.

We can also do some tests around the !=Rejected in case there is some reason that a null or blank value is not recognised by this.


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Hi Guys,

The conditions are tested in a javascript engine that the BPM server uses. The problem here is that the SM flowcode used to get Custom Field A is not actually populating the output param 'Custom Field A' because it is empty. As such there is actually no field to test so the BPM engine can't reference it.

@Kelvin You could modify your condition to add an OR statement and use the  "is not set" operator. So you are then testing:-


Or as @DeadMeatGF suggests just use the No Match because by the sounds you are only testing for 1 value:-

IF Rejected THEN go to a node ELSE  go to another node. 

The ELSE being what a no match does. 


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