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Adding New Category Profile

Dan Munns

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Hi all,

I am adding a new team into our instance and don't want to have their category profiles in the current structure as it will start to get very messy. 

I have added a new profile for the team but when selecting 'Update Logging Category' in the BPM is only shows the old list. 

I can't see a way to set the new list as a logging category list and I can see a way to set the new list against a service etc.

Any help? 



P.S. If this currently cannot be done then can I raise it as an enhancement please. 

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+1 for an enchancement

we can create new profiles but I don't think we can set them to be used anywhere else in Hornbill. It would be nice to be able to use this outside of call logging and resolving - such as in the Progressive Capture on the IT Portal, or maybe against an asset for instance.

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Hi @Dan Munns

On a Service you can select the starting level of the Category Tree.  I was wondering if you had tried this?  You can set this for the all the Services that this team supports.   When selecting a category for their requests they would only see the sub categories under this selected level.


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