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Redirect to another page on logout

Darren KIng

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Hi All,

We use single sign-on to access Hornbill from our internet portal (which is how all of our users access all their web based system).

Is there anyone of redirecting a user a user back to the portal when they logout?  At the moment they are left at the Hornbill logout page.


Many thanks,


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Hi @Darren KIng,

This should be available now, the following application settings can be used to specify a redirect on logout

app.core.logout.redirect.url to redirect the Hornbill Collaboration client
guest.anonymous.portal.core.logout.redirect.url to redirect the customer portal
guest.anonymous.servicePortal.core.logout.redirect.url to redirect the Service portal

You should be able to set these in the Admin tool under Hornbill Collaboration > Settings and should set the full URL that you wish to redirect to, eg https://www.hornbill.com/

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any problem



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