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Calls logged against particular Assets


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I have been asked to see if we can produce a report to check how often 2 of our suppliers come on site - not sure if this can be achieved our end due to analysts possibly not categorising calls upon resolve we do ensure we add the asset to the calls though.


Any ideas if we can create a report showing all details for calls logged against any assets matching the supplier ID below?

 LAS001 &  KON001


Hope you can assist.


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Hi @shamaila.yousaf

I have attached an example report which is currently set up to show Assets With Active Requests. This can be easily customised to meet your requirement by (after importing it into your reporting suite) changing the filter under the data collection tab to look for the assets you mention and/or the status of the tickets being open/resolved/new.

Hope this helps


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Hi @shamaila.yousaf

yes that is the report definition - you will have to import it into your reporting suite in the admin portal. 

Create a new report and click the green upload button on the top right, point it at that text file and you will have most of the report you want, and as I mentioned you will just need to tweak it to your exact requirement.



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