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Cost Centre in Service Manager


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We are looking to import user cost centre's into Service Manager for reporting purposes. Our tech team have this ready to go, and lined it up to populate "customer field attribute 3".

I just wanted to check with the experts whether this is best practice or is there a more suitable place to store the info. As in have we missed a "charge centre", "cost centre" type place?



From: Jörg Walther <Joerg.Walther@pressassociation.com>
To: Matthew Busfield <matt.busfield@pressassociation.com>
Subject: RE: Customer Name
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2017 11:02:23 +0000
Hi Matt,
As discussed just now I can confirm that the Agresso Cost-Centre-Name is now populated in AD as ‘extensionAttribute1’ and will auto-update as part of the daily script. 
In order to make it available in PASM as you intended I think it prudent to first confirm with Hornbill and Alec that we can implement it this way (using PASM custom field attribute 3).
Once that’s confirmed please let me know and I can submit a Change request for amending the existing AD -> PASM daily import.
Kind regards,

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