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Easy and fast way of enabling Time Recording?


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Is there a faster way of enabling time recording across all services?

Currently, as per Wiki: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Configuring_the_Timesheet_Manager_Pluggin_for_Service_Manager it has to be enabled for each Request Type, then each individual Request Action.

As an extension to this question is there a way of applying 'default' settings to all services including workflows for each Request Type and Actions, etc. - then any further amendments could then be made where necessary after?

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Hi @dwalby

We don't at the moment have a way to enable the Timesheet plug-in on all services by default.  We can look at additional global settings to enable this. 

Out of interest, what type of timing information are you looking for?  Timesheet Manager has more of a focus on tracking the time of a user,  although it can be used to get some information for each individual request.  If we start with the outcome that you are looking for we may be able to point you to some options that can help and it also can contribute to future requirements if the options that you are looking for are not there yet.



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Hi @James Ainsworth

The timing information and capability we're looking for seems to all be available in Hornbill - i.e. technical investigation, resolution, phone calls, etc. We'd then use this timing information to be able to see how much time is spent resetting passwords for example by also utilizing the Request Category to profile the nature of the request.

I managed to work my way through all services and manually enabled the timesheet plug-in - wasn't too bad but a global setting would be useful.

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