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Minimum Roles to Access Dashboard

Paul Trenter

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Hi all, I've created a dashboard and would like the account used to log in and access it to be as restricted as possible.  It would only be used for our main display screen.

I've created a 'Dashboard' user and assigned the 'Dashboard Viewer' role but seems not as simple as I'd hoped as on login I'm greeted with:

Error You do not have rights to access the table: h_buz_icons

What would be the roles needed to assign to give access to view the Dashboard but nothing else? 

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Ahh ok yes this seems to be what I'm after thanks.

I've hit another snag though.  I have set up all my Measures, Widgets and Dashboard under Hornbill Service Manager>Advanced Analytics

The Collaboration Role gives access to Collaboration>Advanced Analytics but the sub sections there seems to have nothing showing in Measures, Widgets and Dashboards.  They don't include the ones I manually configured.

Is there any way of moving them over from one section to the other?

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@Paul Trenter I would not recommend "moving" them as Advanced Analytics are app specific... what we need is a way to give the user access to Service Manager Adv. Analytics... however, it is not a very straightforward way since we talking about roles here... but I did think of something, this is my suggestion:

1. Create a copy of "Dashboard Viewer" role (in my example I named it "Dashboard Viewer Service Manager"). Edit the role and change application from "Hornbill Collaboration" to "Hornbill Service Manager" or simply add "Hornbill Service Manager" along "Hornbill Collaboration" (in my example I replaced the application).


2. Associate the newly created role to the desired users. Once this is done they should have access to Service Manager dashboards.

3. Edit the dashboards and grant access to the desired users.


Acess to dashboards can be granted to individual users, roles or groups. If your method to grant access is user or group then you're done at this point, no need to read further. However, if you want to grant access based on roles then you need some additional steps:

4. Create a new role, which needs to be an "assignment" type role (in my example I named it "Dashboard Users")


5. Associate the newly created role (the "assignment" one) to the desired users.

6. Edit the dashboards and grant access to the role, by selecting the "assignment " role from the list (following my example, the role you select would be "Dashboard Users").


Now the users should have access to the Service Manager dashboards. The reason we do these additional steps when we grant access to a role on a dashboard is that here the roles that can be granted access to are only "assignment" role types. You can't grant dashboard access to any other role type, therefore, we need to have one.

Note: If you follow my suggestion, when reaching step 6, you will notice the newly created assignment role will not be displayed in the list. I think this is a defect I need to investigate but is something I can fix if needed. So, please let me know if you reach step 6 so I can fix it.

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