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Saving "Request List" email as draft


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My colleagues have been querying whether or not it's possible to save an email from within the Request List as draft.

They envisage there being an option to save an email they are writing from withing the Request List as draft which they can return to at a later stage.

This is particularly helpful in scenario's where someone is working on writing an email related to a ticket and suddenly halfway through the email they need look at another ticket (maybe a P1).

Most people don't open new windows or tabs and simply go straight to the request list from a ticket they have open. This results in the email they've written being lost. There have been cases where they've accidently closed their laptop or their battery ran out of charge or the internet connection has dropped as well where this would help.

The draft would only re-appear for the user who wrote it, and if they get back to the ticket with a draft email and decide not to use it, they can overwrite it or remove it to clear the draft email.

The options around this should be customizable:

  1. How long to hold a draft email for before being deleted?
  2. An option that will determine...
    1. If Draft is ALWAYS on
    2. or Save Draft button
  3. Can the draft options be set per service (as some could be confidential and must not have draft emails at all for instance)

Just a thought.




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I have just lost a large email I was writing from within a request - I was wondering if anyone has had a chance to look at this query?

I'm not sure what happened but I had a meeting whilst writing the email, when I got back I ended up on the "Update request" function against the ticket, when clicking the email function my email wasn't there.



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@samwoo hmm...  seems we lost track on this post sorry... :(

I remember in on of the previous SM updates (recently though) we introduced a change whereby if the user is currently doing an action, typing an email for example, and the BP progresses in the background and the progress involves and action focus, it will not do it automatically, rather it will display that request had updates and you can click on the blue highlighted line to see these updates... this way you choose to discard the current action or finish the action then have a look at the updates...

So, saying the above, the scenario you experienced where the email being typed in was lost should not happen again...

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