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Portal - Expand all Request Timelines

Martyn Houghton

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If a coworker/customer wished to print or view the full details of a request from the portal, they must first of all click on 'Show More' on any of the timeline entries in order for the full timeline content to be visible.

Would it be possible to have the option to Expand/Show all?



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Hi Martyn,

There are possibly two areas to look at here so I just wanted to confirm.  The first looks like adding the print option that we see on a request in the main client.  This in itself would not need an '''Expand All'' option as this would automatically take this into consideration when a request is prepared for printing. I can look to raise a change to support the printing of a request from the portals.

The second would be having an ''expand all'' option when viewing the request in the portal.  I wasn't sure if this was only to support the printing of a request using the built in browser printing or if you see another requirement for a user to see everything while reading? Do you still see a need for this if a printing feature is provided?



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