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Connections - Click to Dial Telephone

Martyn Houghton

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In an earlier release of Service Manager, the presentation of the telephone number in the Customer section was changed to allow you click on their telephone number so that it would open in a VOIP application such as Skype for Business. 

Can the same presentation change be made to the telephone numbers displayed in the Connection section of the request screen?



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I've made the changes so that both telephone numbers and email addresses will be clickable, it won't be in the release scheduled for this week, but it will be in the next one :)

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@Chaz Is it possible to have a telephone 'number' be an email address - as we use Skype for Business exclusively for internal calls we don't have phone numbers, just the sip address, and we would find it very useful to have that clickable to call a colleague, rather than open an email dialog.

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