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Preventing changes on live services


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Is it possible to apply security privileges to a user that allows BPM, progressive capture, templates etc. to be edited, but only against one service? I.E. Test Service.

The reason being we'd like to create a set-up where our administrator can research and test changes to Service Manager, but changes to live services are controlled by our Authoriser providing full admin privileges.


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Hi @alecwa

There are a couple of features which might help here.

1. Business process & Progressive Capture visibility.  If you enable the following system setting then you can share your processes and progressive captures with roles, users, and groups so in your scenario - share these with the admin who has the rights to change live processes and the other test user would not see those, and they would only work on processes they have created or have been shared with them


This setting is under Home > System > Settings > Advanced Settings and will then give the owner of the processes and progressive captures the following options:


To support this, you could also mark your services access as Private, this will mean even if a user has the rights to manage services if they are not the owner of the service or in a team which supports the service they will not be able to see it in the list of services, and will not be able to access it to change which business processes and progressive captures are used against it, and it's catalog items. 


Users who support the service and have the rights to manage services will have cut down rights to add FAQ's, publish bulletins etc but it will only be the service owner who can manage the request configuration options etc. 

So it is not 100% what you were looking for but if you manage your processes and who have access rights to them, and do likewise with your services, you could have a test service which this user can access, and they would only be able to use their own processes or processes shared with them against this service or other services they created. 

I hope this gives you some ideas to try


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