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File Attachments - Forward via email


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Hi Team

I have noticed that there has been a few recent changes to the 'File attachments' against calls, it allows one to edit visibility etc (which is great!), however; I was wondering if we can have an option to forward the attachment.

I appreciate as a workaround we can download and save file however; allowing one to forward will reduce these steps.

We would use this when forwarding a line managers IT Hardware requests to Exec (who would not have access to Service Manager) - the customer highlights the requirements, so from the Service Desk's point of view, once we receive the completed form, clicking on actions and email to FWD would be a great benefit and would save us from manually having to copy & paste the details into the job then emailing the Exec Team.


Your continued support is always greatly appreciated.




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Hi @shamaila.yousaf

Thanks for your post.  There is an option on the email action to forward attachments that are currently linked to the request.  There is an attachment button that is next to the CC/BCC button which once clicked you get this view.  Clicking on the Show Associated Files will let you select one of the file that is already linked to the request.  


Let me know if this is the type of functionality that you are looking for.



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