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Raising requests with no catalog item

Dan Munns

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Hi all,

We are having an issue with analysts in various teams raising tickets using the service and not drilling down to a catalog item. If we select Raise New>Incident and then select a service which has no incidents attached it will raise a ticket using the top level BPM. 

However it will not attach a PC as no PCs are set and we then get an incident ticket for what should be a service request with just a Summary and Description. I know this has been brought up before (by myself and others) but cannot find the outcome.

If we select just Raise New this isn't a problem as all services and catalog items are shown at once. 

Telling analysts to not to just select the service or only use the Raise New button isn't working and as we add more and more teams and thereby more and more analysts the issue is becoming worse.

Any help would be appreciated 



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Hi @Dan Munns,

There is actually a setting in Service Manager that enforces the selection of a catalog item within the Progressive Capture Service Details form:


Enabling this will force your analysts to select a Catalog Item before being allowed to continue within the Progressive Capture. More details can be found:


Kind regards,


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Hi Dan,

We are soon to start work on adding some options on a Service where you can enable or disable which request types can be raised for that service. So, for example if you have a service where only the raising of Change Requests is appropriate, you would disable all the other request types.  If you were raising an Incident or Service Request, this service would not be visible/available to select.   I was wondering if this is the type of thing that you are looking for and if this would help in your scenario?



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Hi @Dan Munns

The problem with enforcing the selection of a catalog item on all services is that some customers work in a mixed environment where they may have some services using request catalog items and some not, but in both cases they still want to be able to raise requests against both.  The original setting (servicemanager.progressiveCapture.servicedetails.catalogRequired) was put in place so that if you had request catalog items under a service, that the service itself could be selected.

The change that I mentioned about controlling the available request types for a service is already queued up for development so in any case this will come first.  I'll see if there is room from some additional settings as part of this planned change to deal with your scenario.



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