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Breached/Met (Clearing out blanks)


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I have noticed recently that when I am running repots on calls that have breached or met SLA's, I am being greeted with a lot of blanks. in the Within Fix or Within Resolve columns,

We have recently implemented Round robin calls which I think may be effecting the Response SLA's.  As you can see from the below picture I have the Start and stop Response time in the BPM for the MS SQL Team:


However when I run the report for Calls resolved within response OR resolve time, I get a lot of blanks in rgw within fix and resolve columns:


Running my measure with the below information:


I am getting only 13% close within response OR resolve....which is not true to the report...


I would like to know if there is a way to ignore the "blanks" in the Measure? and also if there is something wrong with my BPM which explains why it is not marking on the response timer? as round robin has assigned the call to a user within seconds?



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