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activity viewing in main teams queue?

lee mcdermott

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I am not sure if this has been discussed previously, but are there any thoughts or the potential for the ability to view activities in a teams normal queue?

I know when an activity is generated for a particular team they will get a notification and it will be visible in the activity pop out column on the side or from their activities.

However no matter how many time I tell people to check their activities people still just forget and only ever look at their own teams main queue so most of the time they get missed.

A great feature would be the ability to view all activities assigned to a team and have them show in the main call list for that team. Even a switch to switch on or off to either show or hide activities in your main teams queue would be good.


Any thoughts on this?





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Hi Lee, 

Thanks for your post.  I understand the need for having that one place where someone can view all of their scheduled work.  With Hornbill having the ability for a user to work within multiple apps and having different lists of work that needs to be done, having somewhere to show everything in one place makes sense. 

As Service Manager is one of several possible apps on Hornbill, it might be worth looking outside of the request list for this.   If the request list was used, you may find some duplication between a request and it's associated activities all showing up in the same list. It may also be the case that you could miss activities from other apps if you are only looking at the Request List.

Would a single location for things that you are working on from all the different apps that you use cover your needs?



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