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Report of BPMs and PCs being used

Paul Alexander

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Is there a report that I can run/create which will show me a list of current BPMs and PCs being used either on the Portal or in Service Manager and which service they're being used for?

Since we went 'live' there have been a lot of changes and updates to our original processes, along with lots of new processes. Unfortunately my book-keeping and admin hasn't been the best and I'm now aware that there are quite a few redundant processes and captures which just aren't being used any more, or were just used as tests and which can now be deleted. My problem is knowing which ones can DEFINITELY be deleted.

Obviously I can go through and get rid of any which are marked as de-activated or inactive, but I know for a fact that there's at least a few which are showing as active but which aren't used for anything. I can also go through the Services one by one and make a note of which Catalog Items are using which processes, but I was wondering if there's an easier, quicker way of getting the info?



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Hi Guys,

You could run a report on "h_bpm_processes" and check the  h_lastused_on date field and use a where clause of "h_active=1".

This h_lastused_on is updated each time a process is spawned using that BPM process. So if the date is not set or is a long time ago it is fair to say you can de-activate it. Then wait a while and see if anyone complains. If after a while no one complains you could delete it (before you delete it, download it first in case you need to restore it).

Note also that when a BPM process is spawned a copy of it is linked to the entity (so for example the request record) and it then runs off that copy. So you can delete/de-activate a process and any requests running against it will continue to work as its using the snapshot that was taken when it first spawned.

Unfortunately for PC flows it is driven by a front end UI feature. There is no server engine or spawning required to run it. So you need to ask your SM team leader/manager which PCF flows they use/don't use and  go from there.  


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