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Business Owner and Technical Owner on Services

Darren Rose

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The h_itsm_services table has 2 columns which we would find very useful to use - Business Owner and Technical Owner

However, these do not appear to be used and I am unable to populate them via the Services in Service Manager. Am I missing something? 



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Hi Darren, 

Thanks for your post.  These were added in order to support some features that we are looking at which may be added in the future.   We do sometimes update the database schema ahead of a feature being available in order to help prepare or plan.

As this feature is not currently scheduled it is still a good time to have some input into some of the requirements that you might have for these two types of users, business and technical.  I would be interested to know how you see these being used?

Kind regards,


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@James Ainsworth 

This conversation was last updated five years ago nearly!

...That's some advance feature...

We now have a need to capture three different types of owner against each service portfolio entry. The "technical owner", "business owner" and "owner" would be ideal but we only have "owner" available at the moment. We can see "business owner" and "technical owner" in the schema and add the fields to reports but it is impossible to get data into them.

So, we would love to make use of your 'new' feature this month please. We would love you to simply add to your next release those two fields in the service portfolio so that we could at least enter values of basic or full users in them and report on them. And that's all we need now, simples!...



Another another question: where do we find the "Owner" (the one that IS ALREADY on the form above, in the reports? We cannot find it anywhere to report on it; but we can find Technical and Business Owners which is all topsey-turvey

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