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Human Task - Visibility

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At the moment it seems you can only control the visibility of the reason entered when completing a Human Task using the system wide setting ' guest.ui.app.com.hornbill.servicemanager.operation.defaultVisibility'.


Different services using the platform have different requirements on this, i.e. some want it to be shown others want to continue to be restricted.

Can the option to set this on the BPM Node itself be added to the system, so the workflow itself set the visibility.

Also if there was the ability to set the visibility default in the BPM Node but enable or disable the visibility selector to be displayed so the end user can override the default.



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I have guest.ui.app.com.hornbill.servicemanager.operation.defaultVisibility set to team but in the Requests I'm testing every Human Task is showing on the timeline in the Service Portal - is that because I'm a super-mega-admin type as well as the customer, or should I be hiding those updates from the customer elsewhere?

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On 17/01/2018 at 1:45 PM, DeadMeatGF said:

is showing on the timeline in the Service Portal

just to confirm... Service Portal (https://service.hornbill.com/...), right? Not Customer Portal (https://customer.hornbill.com/...)...

If it is the services portal then yes, you will see these timeline updates as I assume you (as a user) are part of the owner's team... Service Portal is an "extension" or a "copy" of the live and is intended for internal users...

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