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New Update: Hornbill Document Manager (250)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello Everyone

The latest build of Hornbill Document Manager (250) has been released to live.

Change Log for this release are as follows:


  • Made the button sizes consistent on the action panels on the document property page
  • When linking documents to other entities (eg Organisations) currently linked documents will be automatically filtered out
  • In Document Entity Search If there are no documents to be returned in the search you get an empty result which looks like something has failed
  • In Document Entity Search Issue with no results being returned where there are multiple docs starting with the same word
  • In Document Entity Search the results of filtering not refreshing after removing a document from an entity
  • {PM00148567} when completing a task it doesn't set the review date
  • {PM00148567} when completing a task it doesn't set the review date
  • {#PM00145858} No option to force unlock a document in the UI
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