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Http:post: Failed to make HTTP 'POST' request to server


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I am trying to create a new user via the BPM using the New Starter Process. This is the error message I get when I get to this part of the BPM in the ticket:

Http:post: Failed to make HTTP 'POST' request to server


Line: 1565648 in the EspServerService
BPM20171030000092: currentStage: "bf2f14e3-4023-26c9-b203-59f5d63f61d1", currentNode: "integrationMethodCall-d40beb64-673a-4f0d-89f4-156b86497c63", suspended: true, failureMessage: ""


Line: 1565647 in the EspServerService

iBridge Error: { 
	"errorType": "runtime", 
	"errorMessage": "Http:post: Failed to make HTTP 'POST' request to server", 
	"file": "main.js", 
	"sourceLine": "httpResult = http.post(credentials.instanceURL+\"\/xmlmc\/admin\/?method=userCreate\",data,{\"Accept\":\"text\/json\",\"Content-Type\":\"text\/plain\",\"Authorization\":\"ESP-APIKEY \"+credentials.apikey});", "lineNumber": 189, "columnStart": 18, "columnEnd": 19 }


I am using Internet Explorer 11 - Is there any reason why this might not be working? This is what the node looks like:

Many thanks,



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