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Uploading Email Documents in a ProCap


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When using an 'Add Attachment' node in a ProCap, customers are able to upload documents but sometimes the documents our customers want to upload are emails.  We have tried to drag and drop an email in but it doesn't seem to work so we are having to tell customers to save emails on their desktops and then upload from there.  Can something be done so emails can be uploaded if required?  Thanks


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@SJEaton a very very delayed reply, apologies... I am not sure how this could be done. If the email client is a browser-based client (e.g. Gmail, Office 365, etc.) then no. Because simply the browser itself does not allow you to drag and drop a file from the browser to somewhere else. If it is a standalone app... well things get even more complicated because every app does things in their own way...

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